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5 Ways to Make Your
Partner’s Day Better

We all want to feel appreciated and loved in our relationship. 

It is far too easy to take your partner for granted. Especially in a committed and established relationship. Busy work schedules, raising children, volunteering, and just life in general can contribute to forgetting about your partner.

How can we show our love and appreciation to our partner? Simple: take action.

Making Your Partner a Priority Involves Taking Specific Actions of Love

To make your partner a priority, you need to be deliberate about your actions. When you show Love towards your partner you are taking action towards cultivating the bond that makes a relationship strong. 

Actions of Love come in many forms. 

  • Small Actions are daily tokens of love. They are as simple as a morning kiss or saying “I love you.” They are small gestures of affection for your partner.
  • Medium Actions need planning. They include making love, cooking a special meal, or having a date night.
  • Large Actions can take time to plan and will be a bonding experience for both. They can be planning a vacation without kids, or going on meaningful adventures.  These actions will require you to set money aside.  

Here are 5 Ways to Make Your Partner a Priority and Make Their Day Better

1. Take something off their plate. Ask your partner what their least favorite household chore is and agree to do it for them. Or simply pay attention to regular chores that they seem to put off or complain about and decide to do one of them without asking. Your partner will feel loved, appreciated and, perhaps most important, noticed, because you are taking a load off their plate.

2. Offer appreciation. In a relationship, we typically support each other in a million different little ways that go unacknowledged. So take a moment to acknowledge it. Show your gratitude for a specific way you know that they support you. When you do this, say “thank you” and make eye contact with your partner.

3. Anticipate a daily practice of theirs and do it for them. I’m separating this from handling a “chore” because it doesn’t have to be a task like that. For example, if they just can’t get their day started before they have their morning coffee, getting up first and making it for your partner will be something they greatly appreciate.

4. Hug and kiss your partner. In particular, you should hug them each day for at least 60 seconds. Why? Because this daily exercise releases the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin, which will make you feel closer to each other. At first, doing this can seem a bit silly and unnatural, especially if one or both of you isn’t particularly physically affectionate. But it’s absolutely worth it. Plus, setting a daily 60-second hug challenge can be a fun and exciting action of love that will bring you and your partner closer in more ways than one.

5. Practice taking initiative in the relationship. If you are always following your partner’s lead where meals are concerned, decide what to have for dinner and prepare it. Do you tend to wait for them to “make the first move” where intimacy is concerned? Take control by setting a sexy scene, offering a massage, or simply suggesting sex.


During this busy time of year, it may be reassuring to know that you have a spouse working hard to make you a priority and make your day a little brighter.

Want to learn more about making your relationship a priority? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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