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June 9,2021

Romantic Love May Be the Best Kind of Bait-and-Switch

You’ve likely heard of the “honeymoon” or “infatuation” stage of romantic love -- and you’ve almost definitely experienced it. This...

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May 14,2021

What Does It Take to Create an Emotional Safety Zone...

Where are the “emotional safety zones” in your life?  These are relationships where you can express difficult emotions without fear...

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April 14,2021

How to Make a Plan to Be Surprising and Fun

Why should you make a plan to be surprising and fun with your partner? “Relationship” with a capital R can...

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March 17,2021

Stop Having Frustrations — Start Having Requests

Remember the last time a conversation reached an impasse in your relationship? Instead of seeing your partner as a teammate,...

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February 22,2021

Why You Need to Close the Exits in Your Marriage

“Close the exits.” When you hear that phrase in reference to your marriage, what does it make you think about?...

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January 25,2021

How to Recognize Your Relationship’s Power Struggle

It’s never fun to feel disappointed, frustrated, or angry with your partner. Many couples break up because one or both...

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December 10,2020

What Is the Imago — and Why Does It Matter...

Imago is Latin for “image,” and in Imago relationship therapy, the Imago is the unconscious image you carry with you...

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October 1,2020

Improve Communication with the Couples Dialogue

Do you feel like your partner never really listens to you? Do they complain that you don’t talk to them...

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September 18,2020

Couples Quiz: Our Visions for Our Relationship

You feel like your partner isn’t being romantic enough. They feel like you criticize them too much.  When there is...

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July 2,2020

The Mystery of Attraction

In some cases, people talk about their knees getting weak. Or being “drawn toward” someone. The attraction they feel is...

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