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January 12,2022

The Art (and Importance) of Making Meaningful Apologies

“Sorry I forgot to pick up your prescription…” “I didn’t mean it like that…” If you’re in a relationship –...

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December 15,2021

Ways You and Your Partner Can Make Effective Requests of...

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably invested in creating the healthiest, most positive relationship possible. And while every...

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November 16,2021

Do You Have a Conscious Relationship? Here Are the Signs

You and your partner have gone to therapy. You’ve attended workshops. You make an effort to practice Imago dialogue. You’ve...

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October 13,2021

The Importance of Taking Turns in Conversation

Imago therapy offers many effective tools to improve your relationship, whether married, long-term, or just starting to get serious (before...

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September 14,2021

Meeting Your Partner’s Needs Fills in Your Missing Puzzle Pieces

In the heat of marriage conflict, you may find it difficult to imagine that energy leading anywhere constructive. (more…)

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August 16,2021

Growing into Your Relationship Means Learning How to Stretch

In our last post, we talked about how most couples experience incompatibility eventually. We also detailed the universal emergence of...

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July 19,2021

Yes, You Really Are Incompatible — and That’s a Good...

Relationship incompatibility seems like a bad thing, right? After all, we’re flooded with ways to discern compatibility from the get-go:...

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June 9,2021

Romantic Love May Be the Best Kind of Bait-and-Switch

You’ve likely heard of the “honeymoon” or “infatuation” stage of romantic love -- and you’ve almost definitely experienced it. This...

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May 14,2021

What Does It Take to Create an Emotional Safety Zone...

Where are the “emotional safety zones” in your life?  These are relationships where you can express difficult emotions without fear...

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April 14,2021

How to Make a Plan to Be Surprising and Fun

Why should you make a plan to be surprising and fun with your partner? “Relationship” with a capital R can...

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